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Cowcatcher Press is a publisher of new literary genre fiction.  This means novels should be well-structured, thought-provoking, above the fads, fun in some way, and without sequel or equal.  We love a great plot.  Yet plot is not all that we love.  Books we admire include Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policeman's Union and Peter Heller's The Dog Stars.

Our open submission period runs from November to May.  Send a synopsis and the first thirty to fifty pages.  Include a SASE, allow up to one year for a reply, and please, please, please let us know if you've decided to publish elsewhere so we don't read all three hundred pages of your masterwork and then find out that the book has already been sold.  Hard copy submissions only.  Manuscripts will not be returned or recycled.  They will be burned for fuel.  

We love a well-made book.  So, in addition to the very readable e-book and paperback formats, we will be publishing each title as a handmade limited-edition hardcover.  We will pay for materials.  Net proceeds will be split between the artist and the author.  If you are a book artist interested in creating one of our hardcovers, please email us with your resume and a PDF portfolio.
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