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 Solomon the Peacemaker by Hunter Welles

Solomon the Peacemaker


Vincent Alan Chell is coy about answering the questions of his captor. He’d much rather talk about his dead wife, Yael, whose suicide somehow led him into captivity. Or Preacher, the bearded leader of a cult-like group that meets in the bowels of a church basement. Or the Peacemaker, the computer intelligence that has guaranteed peace between nations for half a century.

Chell describes a world where cultural norms have changed the way people interact with technology. Humanoid robots, though ubiquitous, are confined inside private homes, giving the impression that all is well with the world. Which may be the case. Yet Preacher and his group are convinced that humankind is already in the thrall of the Peacemaker. And they might be right.

Solomon the Peacemaker, Hunter Welles’s debut novel, explores the limits of technology, nonviolence, love, and memory in the twenty-second century as it races to its incredible conclusion.


"Solomon the Peacemaker is captivating."
Acid Free Pulp

"What makes Solomon the Peacemaker stand out against the ranks of good science fiction is Wells’s narrative choice. A short note before Vincent’s interrogation explains that, for legal reasons, comments by the interrogators have been stricken from the record. With a lesser writer, the novel could have read like a second-person narrative that forces readers into the untenable position of having to believe they are somebody they are not. When reading Solomon the Peacemaker, however, it’s easy to believe that the author wrote not only the words on the page but the words that have been redacted as well. With a magician’s sense of timing and well-placed breaks, Wells transforms the blank spaces of Vincent’s interrogators into strong characters whose silent interruptions speaks volumes."
Foreword Reviews

"The author deftly weaves in philosophy, religion and our fears of technology without sacrificing his story."
St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Solomon the Peacemaker was one of the most devastating, beautiful things I've read all year. It is a masterful debut novel. I absolutely loved it."   Book Puke

This book is phenomenal. I want it to blow up and everyone to read it." The Steadfast Reader


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